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Summer Infant Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard Review

Quick Facts

Width Range: Height: Our Rating:
6x 30 inches
30 inches

If your child is constantly losing their toys or dangerously stumbling around, it might be in your best interest to purchase a baby gate play yard. These relatively simple objects function as a barrier to keep your child and their toys inside when they’re playing. Alternatively, it can be used to keep your child and their toys out of an area — such as a fireplace — when they are playing.

This particular model — the Summer Infant Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard — is a 18.5 square foot baby gate play yard with a simple walk through gate for easy access. It’s made of a lightweight plastic; it’s not the strongest of materials but it was chosen because play yards typically need to be relocated and the lightweight material makes this baby fence an extremely good choice if you’re going to be taking this thing from one room to another, or even outside. Couple the lightweight design with the neat foldaway design and easy carry handle and shoulder strap and you’ve got a brilliantly convenient design that’ll go with you anywhere.

The easily transportable design of this baby fence makes it perfect for on-the-go parents. If you need to easily relocate the entire fence, then it’s no trouble. This fence is also perfect for use outside, so it’s a great option for people looking to keep animals in their yard.

Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard

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Walk Through Gate

This particular model features a panel that functions as a gate, with an easy to release latch. This latch is straightforward to operate for an adult, but should pose as a barrier to children looking to escape.

6-Panel PlaySafe Playard

Lightweight Material

This baby gate play yard is constructed of a lightweight plastic. It isn’t as sturdy as some metal counterparts, but it shouldn’t topple in its standard play yard configuration. This lightweight material makes the whole thing extremely easy to carry in its folded configuration.

Foldaway Design

This baby fence features a very elegant system for setting up and taking down. The entire fence folds up allowing for easy transport and quick setup. All you need to do is loosen the tightening knobs and fold it away. Reverse the process when setting up. It’s that easy! This brilliantly elegant solution makes this baby gate play yard a solid choice for those parents who might like to move or store the fence. If you don’t want the 30 inch tall fence in your living room after your child has gone to bed, it’s no hassle to fold away the fence and put it away. Simply unfold and tighten when you want to use it again.

Summer Infant Playard

Easy Transport Carry Handle and Shoulder Strap

Given the nature of such a baby gate play yard, you’ll often find yourself looking to relocate the baby fence. Simply fold the fence away and lift it by the strap. It’s a very simple design, but more than effective enough for the needs of a busy parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tall is the gate?

A: The gate is 30 inches tall, though it curves slightly in the middle making it a bit taller. It should be more than tall enough to keep small animals and young children safe.

Q:Will the gate work outdoors?

A: The gate is designed as an indoor gate. However, it’s built of a sturdy metal and is well treated. It should hold up to mildly inclement weather, though it’s not advised. It shouldn’t suffer any ill effects if it’s outdoors but under a roof, such as in the doorway of a conservatory or what have you. This gate is of extremely sturdy design.

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Final Verdict

This gate is a brilliant product. It’s perfect if you’re looking for wide baby gates. This product has several features that make it a perfect walk through gate. Primarily that half or all of the gate can be unhinged from the wall, allowing the entire frame to swing open or to simply be removed and stored elsewhere until needed again. All of this is coupled with the fact that it’s simply an aesthetically pleasing design. It fits nicely into any room without being bright white.

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