Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Baby Gate Review

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The Regalo Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Baby Gate is an excellent budget option for those with wider doorways. This gate is expandable to work for spaces from 29.5 to 50 inches wide.

It’s ideal if you need a cheaper option for keeping troublesome babies or pets out of rooms. The whole design is very sleek, in a very easily cleanable white. The gate uses pressure mounting so that your walls are safe from unnecessary drilling or other damage.

In fact, the gate doesn’t require any kind of tools to mount at all. The locking mechanism uses an extremely simple lever that can be operated with one hand, making it ideal if you’re blocking a hallway that you’ll often be carrying things down. As far as cheap baby gates go, this is one of the best baby gates available for the price.

This wide baby gate is ideal for you if you’re a busy mother. The one-handed locking mechanism makes it easy to open if you’re carrying shopping or your child. The design of this baby gate also makes it useful for anyone with wide doorways or hallways. It’s also excellent for pet owners.

Regalo Easy Open Wide Gate

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Pressure Mounted Design:

One of the key features of this gate is the pressure mounted design. This means that you won’t have to drill holes to mount the gate. These designs are sturdy, whilst being easy to remove and relocate to other places, with no need to replaster the wall afterwards.

The pressure mounted design also means that no tools are required to install the gate, you simply hold the gate in place and twist the pressure screws. This makes it one of the best baby gates available if you need something that can be easily relocated.

Easy Release Latch:

Another great feature is the easy release latch. The easy release latch makes this baby gate extremely easy to walk through without stopping. You simply walk up to the gate and pull the lever.

Since it can be operated one-handed and quickly, it’s an excellent choice for locations where you’ll be frequently passing through. The latch is easy to release whilst being secure enough that a child or animal wouldn’t be able to operate it and open the gate.

Lightweight, Easy to Store Frame:

The wide baby gate’s lightweight frame stores flat, which makes it extremely easy to store once you’ve removed it from the wall. You simply loosen the pressure pads and remove the gate. It’s incredibly simple to move around your home.

Regalo Easy Open 47-Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate


  • The simple locking mechanism can be operated without stopping and with only one hand
  • The whole frame is incredibly lightweight, making the baby gate easy to move around your home
  • The pressure mounted design means that it can be installed and uninstalled with no damage to the wall


  • This gate is difficult to mount securely if mounted in a space that’s outside of the range of the extension kits as you need to extend the pressure pads to their maximum range.
  • The baby gate suffers from being a budget choice, it may not hold up against strong toddlers or large animals.

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How wide is the gate?

The gate without any extensions installed is 26 inches wide. However, to expand beyond that, you’ll need to install one or both of the included extensions. One extension is 6 inches wide, the other is 12 inches wide. With both installed, plus the length of the pressure screws, the gate can reach 50 inches wide.

How tall is the gate?

The gate is 30 inches tall or 76 cm. This is tall enough that a relatively tall adult would be able to step over the gate, whilst still keeping babies and pets from climbing over.

Final Verdict:

My final verdict on the gate is that it’s probably the best budget option available if you need a wide baby gate. It suffers from mounting issues if your doorway is just outside the reach of the nearest rounded down extension kit.

However, this shouldn’t be an issue for most people. It’s an excellent choice and one of the best cheap baby gates available.

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