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North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate Review

Quick Facts

Width Range: Height: Our Rating:
38.3 to 72 inches
30 inches

The North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate is a premium product for those who want a baby gate with a little class. This classy number is available in two colours: linen and matte bronze. The fancy colours aren’t the only thing premium about this product. It’s got an extremely sturdy steel construction. This makes it a perfect choice for stronger children or pets.

This particular gate is hardware mounted, which can be a negative aspect for some. This means that tools are necessary for the installation of this gate and it’s more difficult to relocate. However, hardware mounting means that this gate is a lot more sturdy than a pressure mounted gate.

Given the premium nature of this gate, and therefore its premium build quality: this gate is well suited to those looking for a gate to sit in a more permanent place that’s built to last. Many wide baby gates suffer from bowing in the middle when pressure is applied, this is not typically anything to be worried about, but the steel frame of this walk through gate is built to last.

If you’re a busy parent or pet owner looking for something to install and forget about, this is the gate for you.

Walk through design

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Walk Through Design

This walk through gate features a lever that can be operated with one hand making it perfect for high traffic doorways where you’re often passing through with your hands full. Another convenient feature is that the whole gate is able to swing open, with a childproof lock on each end. So, should you wish to open the whole doorway up for whatever reason, you can.



This gate, like many wide baby gates, comes with several expansion kits that allow you to fit a doorway between 38.3 inches wide and 72 inches wide. Unlike some other expandable wide baby gates, this design allows for slight pivoting at the hinges where the extensions meet, this ensures that there are no dead zones where the gate won’t fit properly. You simply adjust the brackets until the gate fits properly into your doorway.

Hinged Mounting

The mounting solution for this gate makes this a true walk through gate. If you feel as though it’s blocking the doorway too much for whatever reason, you can entirely dismount one side of the gate and swing the whole thing open.

Matte Bronze Design

Given the incredibly permanent nature of this gate’s build quality, it stands to reason that you want something that’ll compliment your decor, not just blend in. This gate does that to outstanding effect. This gate will perfectly accent any room you install it into.

Matte bronze design


  • Sturdy metal construction will ensure this gate lasts a lifetime
  • Whole frame swings open for easy movement between rooms when necessary
  • Gate can be locked open if needed
  • Strong latch to prevent children from opening it


  • Hardware mounted, meaning that tools are required and it can’t be easily relocated

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tall is the gate?

A: The gate is 30 inches tall, though it curves slightly in the middle making it a bit taller. It should be more than tall enough to keep small animals and young children safe.

Q: Will the gate work outdoors?

A: The gate is designed as an indoor gate. However, it’s built of a sturdy metal and is well treated. It should hold up to mildly inclement weather, though it’s not advised. It shouldn’t suffer any ill effects if it’s outdoors but under a roof, such as in the doorway of a conservatory or what have you. This gate is of extremely sturdy design.

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Final Verdict

This gate is a brilliant product. It’s perfect if you’re looking for wide baby gates. This product has several features that make it a perfect walk through gate. Primarily that half or all of the gate can be unhinged from the wall, allowing the entire frame to swing open or to simply be removed and stored elsewhere until needed again. All of this is coupled with the fact that it’s simply an aesthetically pleasing design. It fits nicely into any room without being bright white.

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