Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer (Pressure Mounted Baby Gate) Review

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Sometimes you need a little class with your child gates. That’s where the Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate comes in. This classy number features a dark silver metal frame with a beautiful wooden gate. I can’t say that I’ve seen many wooden baby gates, and I’ve got to say that I’m slightly disappointed that I haven’t. This gate is the perfect accent for any home decor arrangement.

Aside from the sleek aesthetic design, this gate also features some more practical points. Unlike many other safety gates, this design features an additional directional lock at the base for when you need it to stay closed in one direction. The opening latch uses a double-locking design that’s easy for an adult but difficult for a young child.

If you’re looking for an elegant solution to a simple problem, this is the perfect gate for you. Perhaps you just want a simple gate for your living room but don’t want it in a bright white that clashes with the room. That’s where this game shines.

If you’re purely after functionality, there are cheaper child gates available. But I personally like it as it’s one of the few wooden baby gates that’s not made of garish wood. The dark theme keeps it an aesthetically pleasing, but un distracting entry into any room.

Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate

Munchkin Wood & Steel Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

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Quick Facts:

  • Width Range: 29.5 to 35 inches
  • Height: 29.5 inches

Classy Wooden Gate:

If you’re looking for a permanent fixture for your home, you want it to look good. It can be tough to find a functional baby gate that isn’t in plain white sometimes. This gate is made of a dark grey metal fence and a beautiful wooden gate. This design should fit snugly into any room in the house without looking out of place.

Pressure Mountings:

This gate is pressure mounted, meaning that there’s no need to break out the power tools for installation. You can simply screw the gate into place and unscrew it if you want to relocate it. The gate is lightweight enough that relocating it shouldn’t be a major hassle.

Pressure Cups:

Sometimes using pressure mounting involves a tradeoff between ease of removal and security. Not here. If you so wish, you can install a set of pressure cups into the wall using a single screw each.

This will mean making holes in your wall. However, it means that the gate isn’t prone to movement whilst being pressure mounted for easy removal.

Safety-Walk Through Latch:

When you’re mounting a gate in a high traffic area you need the gate to be easily openable. Oftentimes with safety gates, this means trading security for ease of use.

Not here, the elegant design of this child gate’s latch works a charm and can be operated with one hand whilst still stopping your young one from getting through. You can even lock the gate at the base to prevent it from opening in certain directions.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design that’ll complement any room.
  • Pressure mounting for ease of installation and uninstallation, plus no need to damage your walls.
  • Safety walk through a latch that will allow adults to pass with ease without risking their little ones escaping.
  • Optional hardware mount for when you need added security.


  • More expensive than other similar specification models.
  • Doesn’t expand far unless you purchase additional extensions.

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How tall is the gate?

This gate is 29.5 inches tall. Shorter than a lot of models, but still tall enough to keep children and pets from getting past.

Can the gate be installed without the pressure cups?

It’s recommended that the gate is installed with the pressure cups, however, it should be more than secure enough with just the pressure screws alone. It’s entirely optional.

Final Verdict:

This is an extremely good contender amongst safety gates, particularly if you’re looking for wooden baby gates. It’s an aesthetically pleasing design with more than enough functionality.

My only major gripe with it is that it lacks expandability unless you purchase additional extenders. As such, I’d hesitate to recommend it to someone with a wider doorway or hallway.

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