Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate Review

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Sometimes you’re just looking baby safety gates that are plain and just work. That’s where products like the Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate in white come in. It’s plain and simple. You pressure mount it to the wall and you don’t worry about it. It’s nothing fancy and the price reflects that.

On to the features: this gate features a brilliant double-locking system plus a third lock at the bottom that stops it from opening one way, the other, or both. The simple latch is easy for an adult to operate but challenging for a child to bypass.

The whole system is pressure mounted onto the wall with optional wall cups for added security. The gate also comes packaged with a single extension that can be used to ensure a tailored fit to any doorway in its size range. If it’s not big enough, there’s also the option of ordering more extensions.

This is one of the best baby gates available for those parents looking for a no-fuss approach to child safety. This gate just simply works. It may not be the cheapest gate on the market, but it’s not an expensive product and the price is more than fair for the safety and ease of use it provides.

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate

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Quick Facts:

  • Width Range: 29.5 to 35 inches
  • Height: 29.5 inches

Elegant, Plain Design:

It’s always said that white goes with everything. If you’re not particularly concerned about the look of the gate and just want a product that just fits, then the plain white design of this product makes it a perfect choice.

Pressure Mounted Solution with Optional Hardware for Security:

Pressure mounts are perfect for gates that are temporary. Perhaps you’re a grandparent and only need the gate occasionally. That’s where a pressure mounting comes in handy, you can just quickly install the gate when your grandchild is over and easily remove it and store it after.

Optional hardware pressure cups can be installed with a single screw each. These fixtures are more permanent but don’t stop the gate from being easily installed using the existing pressure screw system.

Easy Open Childproof Latch:

The double locking system in place on the handle is extremely simple for an adult yet difficult for a child to operate. This means that you can place the gate in a high-traffic location without it slowing you down or risking your child getting through.

Plus, this gate isn’t just easy to open, it’s extremely easy to close. You simply push the gate and it will latch shut, making it easy even when your hand are full.

Expandable Design:

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate is designed to work with doorways or hallways from 29.5 inches to 35 inches wide straight out of the box using the included extender. You simply fit the included extender to get a more tailored fit to your doorway or hallway.

If this baby safety gate isn’t wide enough with the included extenders, then additional extenders can be purchased and installed to tailor it exactly to your needs. This does, unfortunately, mean placing multiple orders if you’re unwilling to measure the space first, but it means that you pay for exactly what you need.


  • Plain design to ensure that it fits nicely into any room.
  • Strong pressure mounting design with optional hardware element for extra security.
  • Expandable design for a custom fit to any doorway.


Plain design:

Only includes a single extender, which can make it awkward to relocate from a smaller doorway to a larger one without having to order additional extensions No pure hardware mounting option makes it unsuitable for the top of stairs use.


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How tall is the gate?

The gate is 29.5 inches tall. This is shorter than some other gates on the market, but it should still be sufficient to keep children or small animals from jumping or climbing over.

How wide is the gate?

This gate is actually wider than a lot of pressure-mounted gates on the market at 22 inches wide. This means it’s a lot less difficult to carry suitcases or similar items through the gate.

Final Verdict:

This is one of the best baby gates available if you’re looking for a high-quality product with no need for fancy features or extravagant design. It does everything that other baby safety gates do with no flare or unnecessary weight in the box.

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