Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate

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Today many parents are worried about their children playing at Home, and if they fell from the stairs, they will get an injury. At Home, there are many chemicals and obstacles in the typical Home. If we use the baby gate to keep our children safe, then it is the best thing made up of.

And it will be easier for mothers to work out at home. So today in the time of this Advance Munchkin loft get some ideas and made this wonderful product that can save your children’s and they will play freely at Home and if we set baby gate at the top of the stairs it will be a good idea to keep safe our children’s.

Those Children’s who are learning to crawl and they always trying crawl up the stairs and do not know that they could fall from the stairs and it will be harmful to them so, in this regard, we have one of the best products for you that are hardware mounted baby gate for stairs. this baby gate can save your child from the wound.

The Designee of the product is very good and it suits homes with modern designs and safety features, its colour, and the material that adapts to fit your Home.

Munchkin loft Designee this product and it has many functions like if you want to remove baby gate suddenly then u can remove this at the spot and you can fit again at the same place. Because of its adjustable gate in the straight and flite walls.

And We know that today in this advanced world many things are not made for just one purpose for one place we can house this baby gate in room doors also to stop children’s go away from the room. So, this product will help you to save your child. And Let’s Enjoy this Product in your own style.

Now Feel Easy at Home, Parents!

Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate

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Quick Info:

  • Brand: Munchkin Loft 
  • Material: Silver Aluminium
  • Colors: (Silver, White, Grey) 
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Dimension: 40 x 30.5 inches
  • Warranty: No 
  • Portable: No 
  • Need Battery: No 
  • Material: Aluminium

How to Install:

It Is very easy to install the Munchkin loft hardware baby gate at Home. First of all, Measure the place you want to install. This baby gate is extendable so check clearly with an extension of the gate.

Then Mark the Holes at walls with the help of a mounting template then drill tat holes with the drill machine and for checking the adjustment of the gate at stairs fix bay gate there and check the exact position if all okay then fix it will the steel nails into the wall.

Easy Operation:

The baby gate will open and shut smoothly then parents can easily walk through it. But it will not be allowed your children to open the gate.

Helping Book:

We also Give a small book for this proud cut in which all the things related to this product are available for understanding this product very well 

Strength of The Product:

Baby gates will retain their pressure and strength for a long time period. If you use this carefully.


  • You can create play zones for children.
  • This product is helpful at Home for many purposes like you can use it at stairs and room doors.
  • Finishing this product is very good and it will not harm any children if they try to open this gate.
  • You can remove this gate very easily and you can install it very easily.
  • In this product tuning system is ideal vertical fit even walls are not flat 
  • Children will never get an injury from the stairs.
  • Parents can work freely at Home they install this product at Home.

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Can we install these baby gates at the stairs only?

No, we can install the baby gate in room doors also to keep children in the room.

Any warranty for this product?

No there is no warranty for this product.

How many products can we get? 

You can get only products that are available In stock 

Can we give a side order for this product?

We can only take orders that are available in stock no particular order.

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