Kidco Safeway Safety Gate

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Do you have areas in your house you think are not suitable for your baby’s little hands? Baby gates are part of safety measures that you can implement to give you peace of mind while protecting the little ones from the many risks there may be at home.

Kidco Safeway Safety Gates is one of the products you can use to safeguard your baby, and even pets from reaching areas of the house you don’t want them to.

Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate, White

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The Kidco Safeway Safety Baby Gate measures 1.6 by 22.5 by 29 inches and is constructed of sturdy, tubular steel to make it durable. It has a non-toxic coating and can be mounted permanently for extra safety. Just not made for safety but also for convenience, the baby gate is easy to not only install but also to remove.

Its one-hand operation gives it a notch higher for practical usability commonly missing on other baby safety gates available in the market. For houses with angled walls and railings, there is no need to worry because this baby safety gate is designed to fit in there too. Here’s a summary of the specs:

  • Made of metal for durability
  • Weighs 8.4 pounds
  • Hardware mounting style
  • Easily adjustable to prevent the baby gate from swinging open over stairs
  • Swings both ways but is configurable to swing only one way
  • An option for extension addition

The gate comes in two colors:

Black and white, giving the consumer a choice between the two. This makes it a nice fit for both darker shades and lighter shades of house paint and even décor themes. The manufacturer, KidCo, recommends using it for kids the age of 6 months to 3 years.

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  • This baby gate comes with an extension that fits openings measuring up to 66 inches.
  • It is of hardware mount, a feature that offers extra security.
  • Kidco Safeway Safety Gate swings open in both directions but can be configured to open in just one direction only.
  • It is not fixed to openings measuring 24.75 inches only. It can be mounted on openings up to 43.5 inches, thus gives great flexibility.


  • Although the Kidco Safeway Safety Gate comes with some innovativeness of its own kind, especially with the extensions, most customers find it a bit expensive when those add-ons are included in the purchase. In addition to that, mounting needs extra attention, otherwise, it will leave holes in the wall – an undesirable feature for anyone keen on interior décor.
  • Nevertheless, the product is widely reviewed as one of the best choices among baby gates that are hardware mounted. If you have the need to mount a safety gate at the top of the stairway in the house, the $49.95 Kidco Safeway Safety Gate is the best choice for you.
  • However, an additional $35 will be incurred if you want to get an extension kit that can accommodate openings measuring up to 66 inches.

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