Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate Review

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Children are mischievous creatures. Sometimes you need your baby gate to be extra sturdy. That’s where the Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Through Baby Gate comes in. This extra tall baby gate is essential for keeping particularly crafty children and animals safe.

This model comes with a classy hardwood finish. The entire gate is made of steel, ensuring that it’s extremely sturdy. If you’re looking for a wide baby gate that’s built to last, this might be the one for you.

This walkthrough baby gate is ideal for a busy person with kids. It keeps your young ones safe without hindering you as you move through the house. The latch can easily be operated with one hand and can be shut again with a mere push, no hands necessary.

Regalo Home Tall Walk-Thru Gate

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Quick Facts!

  • Width Range: 29 to 44 inches
  • Height: 38 inches

Convenient Walk-Through Design:

This gate employs an extremely simple, but effective, lever-style handle. Just lift the lever and the gate will open, then simply close the gate and lower the lever and it’s locked.

It’s impossible for a child or animal to operate because it requires that you be taller than the gate to get the leverage required. Overall, an incredibly elegant design.

Additional Extension Kits:

If the standalone gate isn’t wide enough for your uses, then you can simply install one of the expansion kits. There’s three, one 4 inches, one 6 inches, and one 12 inches. Attach any combination of those three to the base gate to expand up to 58 inches wide.

100% Steel Construction:

The entire gate and fence are made of 100% steel. This ensures that the gate is sturdy enough to stand up to even the strongest child. No need to worry about the gate flexing or getting damaged.

This is a key feature if you’re looking for a gate that’ll last. This baby gate will survive years of punishment which makes it an attractive option if you have pets or otherwise require a permanent fixture.

Pressure Mountings:

The whole gate is easily mounted using a set of four pressure screws — one in each corner. No tools are required, simply hold the extra wide baby gate in place and have someone twist the pressure screws out until it’s held in place firmly.

Unfortunately, the gate will shift slightly over time. This is to be expected with pressure-mounted gates. But due to the simple nature of the pressure screws, it’s not difficult to simply reset the gate back to the correct position.

Plus, these pressure mountings make it extremely easy to unmount the gate and relocate it. If you’re on the go a lot, you can unmount the gate and put it in your car, and mount it again with ease. The pressure-mounted design is more than sturdy enough for most uses.

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How tall is the gate?

The gate is 31 inches tall. It should be tall enough for even the most adventurous toddlers.

How wide is the gate opening?

The gate opening is 16 inches wide. This can cause issues if you put this gate in a high traffic location where you tend to carry things to your side, such as suitcases.

Final Verdict:

This is one of many extra wide baby gates on the market and is a fine choice. The sturdy all-steel construction makes this a perfect option for longevity. The latch on this gate is also near impossible for a child to operate when the lock is engaged, making it perfect at keeping your child safe.

The latch is also simple to operate, making this the perfect walk through the baby gate if you’re looking for a product that won’t hinder your regular movement around the home.

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