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Summer Infant Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Review

Quick Facts

Width Range: Height: Our Rating:
28 to 48 inches
36 inches

Keeping children and pets out of dangerous areas can be challenging. Particularly if you’ve got large animals or a toddler that likes to climb. This Summer Infant Multi Use Deco Extra Tall Walk features a unique extra tall design, sitting at 36 inches high. This makes the gate excellent for pet owners with large animals or particularly agile children. If your toddler is a climber, then this gate might be the one for you. The baby gate features a bronze design, which should have no trouble fitting into the decor of any room.


This baby gate is perfectly suited to mothers of children that like to climb. The extra height makes it ideal for keeping your little gymnasts from climbing over this baby gate at the top of the stairs. This baby gate is also great for owners of large pets. This product works as an excellent baby gate for bottom of stairs, great for keeping your animals or children from climbing them bottom of stairs, great for keeping your animals or children from climbing them.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Measurement

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Extra Tall Design


The extra tall design means that this baby gate isn’t prone to being climbed or jumped over. That extra height is extremely useful, especially if you plan on using this baby gate for stairs.

  Extra Tall Design

Pressure Mounting

The whole gate is mounted using four pressure screws: one at each corner of the gate. This means that the gate can be easily mounted to the wall. The pressure mounting is sturdy enough that this is an excellent top of stairs baby gate. Alternatively, it can be used as a baby gate for bottom of stairs.

  Optional Hardware Mount

Optional Hardware Mount


If you’re mounting this to the top of the stairs, you may wish to use the hardware mounting. It will involve drilling holes into the wall, but it’s considerably sturdier than pressure mounting. For most uses, this is unnecessary, but it’s an excellent option to have if you need it.


Easy Open Latch

This baby gate features a walk-through design. The latch can be easily operated with one hand. This makes it perfect if you’ll need to pass through it frequently.

Automatic Locking

Automatic Locking

  This walk through baby gate features an automatic closing design. You simply open the gate and keep walking and the baby gate will shut behind you. This makes this gate perfect for high traffic corridors as you can walk through the gate with ease, even if you’re carrying stuff.  


  The gate comes packaged with a few extensions to make sure that the gate fits comfortably into your doorway. If you’ve got a wide doorway, this baby gate can easily accommodate your needs.  


  • The extra tall design means that this is an excellent baby gate for stairs
  • The automatic locking prevents you from forgetting to close the gate
  • The sturdy pressure mounting means that it’s a great top of stairs baby gate
  • Hardware mounting is an option if you’d like extra security for top of stairs mounting


  • The actual gate isn’t particularly wide, which can be an issue if you’re carrying suitcases or anything
  • The latch protrudes into the gate area slightly, meaning you can catch yourself on it if you aren’t careful

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How tall are the upper mounting brackets?

A: The upper mounting brackets are 33 inches from the base. So you can still mount it to bannisters that are lower than the 36 inch height of the gate.

Q: What direction does the gate open in?

A: The gate opens in both directions, though there is an additional doorstop that you can mount so that the gate won’t open in the direction of stairs if you’re mounting the gate at the top of the stairs.

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Final Verdict

This baby gate is an extremely good choice. It’s one of the best baby gates available for stair mounting. It’s slightly more pricey than other gates, but the quality and features are worth the cost. This gate is absolutely perfect if you’ve got older toddlers or animals that like to climb.
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