Best Baby Gates on the Market For The Safety Of Your Child

Every parent wants to keep their baby safe. So, when it comes to purchasing a baby gate for your little one, why go into it unprepared? If you’re growing a family, baby gates are an essential investment for the safety of your children. Baby gates are a necessary precaution when your baby starts to explore; best baby gates on the Market For The Safety Of Your Child keep your child safe when your focus is elsewhere. They are also crucial to keep your baby safe from the more dangerous areas of your home, such as the stairs or fireplace.

It can be really difficult to find the perfect baby gate for your home. This is because every house is different. Some baby gates are too much bother for everyday use; continually needing to step over the gate, taking 10 seconds to undo the lock, having to use both hands. Some baby gates are just a daily pain.

Luckily for you, certain baby gates are created with the perfect combination of optimal security, sturdiness, and comfort. It is our duty at Best Baby Gates to find them, bring them to your attention, and compare them with other leading gates on the market.

Let’s see the 10 best baby gates available in 2017, We created a comparison chart for you so that you can quickly see which one is best for you. We have also included other relevant factors such as cost range and average consumer rating.

The Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Baby Gate

  • The width of the gap you want to cover

Firstly you have to measure the space you want to cover with the gate. You should try to be accurate with your measurements, it makes it a lot easier to find a gate that matches your needs.

  • The height of your baby

Whilst you’re measuring your home, you may want to measure your baby. The gate should be at least three-quarters of your baby's height, to help ensure that your baby is unable to pull himself over the gate.

Remember that once your baby grows taller than thirty-six inches or heavier than 30 pounds, you should no longer be relying on a safety gate to stop them. This height and weight is usually reached around the two-year mark.

If your baby is big for his age, don't worry. There are some extra large baby gates on the market to ensure the safety of your baby.

Best Baby Gates | Top 10 Baby Gates For Your Little Star

According to our research, we have listed the ten best baby gates so that you can more easily choose a gate for your child.

We analyzed the specifications as well as several reviews to find out the best baby gates that may be ideal for your baby. If you read our reviews, it will be easier to choose the perfect baby safety gate, helping to protect your child from potential danger inside the home. Let’s take a glance at them:

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate

The Regalo Top of Stair Expandable Metal Gate offers a universal installation kit that matches with most stairway configurations. Its Simple Glide Technology permits the gate to expand and fit stairways from 26 inches to 42 inches wide, and the gate can easily slide inward and outward when passing through for ease of movement past it. It is extremely easy to install! An adapter kit is included so that you don't need to do any drilling or marking up on your banister or woodwork.

Main Specifications of this product:

  • Rigid metal construction
  • Expandable from 26 to 42 inches wide
  • 30 inches tall
  • Includes wall mount & banister kit ( Round and Square)
  • For adding security, stabilizing foot is added
  • One hand open with lever style handle
  • JPMA Certified; great for Pets
  • Stress lever, and weight indicators
  • Hardware supported
  • Wide-grip, multi-purpose latch
  • Mounting equipment included
  • It can be easily wiped clean with soap and water
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • Comes with a 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • Assembly required, no extra tools required

An important tool in childproofing your home, the Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate is a sturdy, safe gate that helps protect your child. This safety gate features durable all-steel components and a banister-mount system ideal for openings at the top or bottom of stairs. The simple squeeze latch is easy for adults to operate but very tough for children.

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate

The Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate features an easy-to-close locking gate, and there is an optional third lock at the base for additional protection. With an extra wide walkthrough area at 22 inches, the gate is excellent for use anywhere in the home. You can extend the gate from 29.5 inches to 35 inches wide, and can be pressure mounted or hardware mounted depending on your needs. The product includes one 2.75 inches extension and a 1-year limited warranty. Now, let's look its main features:

Main Features Of this product:

  • Extra wide walkthrough
  • Double-locking handle with additional lock at base
  • Can extend to cover gaps from 29.5 inches to 35 inches wide
  • Can be both hardware and pressure mounted
  • Mounting equipment is included
  • This product is JPMA certified
  • Can be easily wiped clean with merely soap and water
  • One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

North States Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate

North States Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate

The North States Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate keeps your child safe and secure. The handy, six-panel yard can act as an easily transportable play yard, a gate or a fence. As a play garden, it surrounds up to ten square feet and is thirty inches high. The 3 in 1 Metal Superyard is freestanding and you can set it up in seconds, you can use the gate on a variety of floor surfaces and it will not slip or damage. For added usefulness, the 3 in 1 Metal Superyard can also be hardware mounted as an additional wide barrier in your house or a fence, to block off fireplaces, displays and the like. The swinging pass-thru panel is built with a child proof dual locking system whilst still allowing simple access. If you would like to increase the overall width, a 2-panel extension is sold separately.


  • Can be used freestanding or attached to wall
  • Ready for a wide range of applications
  • Strong metal construction
  • Easy to manage and configure


  • It is bulky to store
  • Wall mounting hardware is of somewhat poor quality

Choosing the correct baby gate can be difficult. The North States Superyard 3-in-1 metal gate is a great choice. You won't be worried about the safety of your baby; it allows you to take care of your little ones while you are busy doing other household tasks.

It is simple to keep your child in sight, therefore protecting your child from potential injury inside the home.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Dreambaby Auto Close Security Gate with Extensions

The Summer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate keeps babies, toddlers, and even pets safe. It has a really easy installation process, perfect for the busy parent. Its walk through child gate swings open with ease for grown-ups and stops your child from climbing over. It also features automatic closing and locking. This swing gate is constructed of nontoxic materials and designed perfectly for doorways ranging from 28 inches to 47.5 inches wide. This baby care product works great for a bedroom or other room, restricting the passage of pets and children, helping to build a protected environment for your child. The Summer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate also includes one 5 inch extension and one 10 inch extension so that the gate will fit perfectly in the desired location.

Main Features Of this product:

  • Convenient auto closing system
  • Pressure and hardware mounting options available
  • One panel extension kit and hardware mounting kit included
  • Built with durable metal
  • Can be easily wiped down with a simple cloth
  • One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Assembly required, no tools needed

This gate is a solid choice for keeping your children securely confined to a safe space.

Regalo 192 Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

Regalo 192 Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard Comparison Table

The Regalo 192'' Wide Super Wide Gate and Play Yard is the perfect choice for keeping your child safe and protected during play, particularly when you need to leave them alone for a few minutes, or you have something else to do. Let your baby stay active in this enclosed area whilst you relax. You can keep toys and comfort objects close to your baby in this playpen without risk of them getting lost under furniture. This new 4-in-1 lightweight play yard includes a generous 19 square feet of play space. You can set it up in a variety of patterns as a stand-alone frame, or you can use it as: a fire place guard, a gate enclosure, or stairway blocker to keep your little ones safe. This extra big Regalo play yard is made up of 8 panels. You can build the full yard in whatever configuration best fits your baby's needs and the dimensions of the room. It’s a very good looking white baby gate. You can fold it a compact size for easy transportation and accommodation. The lightweight but sturdy frame is suitable for use both inside and outside.

Main Features Of this product:

  • One-hand latch
  • Hardware mounted with included kit
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Wipe Clean with Soap and Water
  • Ninety Day Limited Warranty

Babies and toddlers can enjoy a safe experience with this gate, it has smooth bars and a PVC-free design. You can open the gate with ease thanks to its convenient walk-through design. The Regalo 192 Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard is an extremely handy baby gate.

Read our in-depth review about this gate from here.

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate

The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Top Of Stairs Metal Gate is a beautifully sturdy baby gate. Using this gate, you can save children as well as pets from household dangers! The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Top Of Stairs Metal Gate is ideal for high-traffic areas because it has a swinging door which allows you a smooth transition from one room to another. Simply press the handle and slide back to unlock the door. To lock The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Top Of Stairs Metal Gate, just give the door a soft push closed and watch the slam-latch feature take over. Plus, the Red/Green Lock signal shows if the baby gate is correctly locked for peace of mind. No tools are required for installation, as The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Top Of Stairs Metal Gate is pressure mounted.

Product Details:

  • One-hand release handle which is easy for parents but difficult for babies
  • Optional removable swing stop prevents gate from opening over stairs
  • Convenient for high traffic areas
  • Red/Green indicator that shows if the gate is correctly locked
  • 4 Point Mounting Hardware makes installation a breeze
  • JPMA Certified
  • ASTM Int'l Standard Customer Safety designation for Expansion Gates and Expandable Enclosures
  • Cream finish
  • Metal & Plastic construction

If you are looking for a child gate that doesn’t clash with your modern home design, this metallic walk through gate from Evenflo is just the thing you are searching for.

Dreambaby Auto Close Security Gate with Extensions

Dreambaby Auto Close Security Gate with Extensions

Keep your baby away from danger with this Chelsea Swing Close Gate from Dreambaby, featuring a Auto Close Security Gate and Extensions. With its simple close feature and double locking system, this multifaceted gate is great for areas, like the top of a stairwell, a corridor, or a doorway. It fits openings between 28 inches and 32 inches. Its pressure-mounting method and optional hardware mounting allows for simple installation. The safety gate and the included extensions are made of a strong, sturdy metal. You can purchase additional extensions separately if you need a bit of extra length.

Product Details:

  • Strong, pressure mount assembly with steel-frame gate attaches securely to walls
  • Easy one hand operation for adults; you can open it from both directions
  • Some assembly is necessary
  • Gate with 2-3.5 inches included extensions fits openings from 28 inches to 39 inches wide
  • Pressure mounting solution
  • Mounting equipment is included
  • JPMA and ASTM certified
  • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

The gate is solid in structure; it can be installed without unnecessary holes in your wall and can easily accommodate baseboards. It is perfect for any size opening with the included extensions.

Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate

Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate

The Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Best Baby Gate with 3 Extensions is designed to keep your child safe and secure in your home. It is best suited to sectioning off rooms or hallways. Furthermore, it’s excellent at preventing access to ascending or descending stairs. This Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate with 3 Extensions stands 31 inches tall and can perfect to close off a gap that ranges from 29.5 inches to 58 inches in width. It is best suited to use for doorways or balconies. It is built with steel for extra durability. It utilises four pressure mounts for secure mounting, ensuring an easy and secure installation. This gate is easy for an adult to open but not possible for your little ones to manipulate because it has a lever-style handle, featuring a safety lock one-touch release. The Regalo Extra Wide Gate with 3 Extensions is PVC free and JPMA certified to meet all modern safety standards. No extra tools are required, but is still easy to assemble .The Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate with 3 Extensions would make a great baby shower gift for those new parents. Also, you can use it to keep pets in or out of certain rooms as you desire.

Product Details In a nutshell:

  • Tension lever with hands-free open
  • Pressure indicators
  • Minimum And Maximum Extended Length: 29.5” - 58”
  • Hardware & Pressure-mounting options for versatility
  • Mounting equipment, wide-grip latch & lever handle guard included
  • Certified by JPMA
  • Built with a sturdy metal frame
  • Wipe clean system with soap and water
  • Ninty Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • Tools provided and assembly required

This brilliant gate features durable steel components and a pressure mount that is perfect for openings and doorways. The Regalo Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate with 3 Extensions is a spectacular choice if you’re looking for a no-frills baby gate. This is a necessary tool that you should have in your house for maximum baby protection.

Summer Infant Pop n Play Portable Playard

Summer Infant Pop and Play Portable Play Yard

The Infant Pop n Play Portable Playard allow you easily to create a secure portable play zone for your child. The compact-fold playard and ultra lightweight frame can be set up and taken down in seconds to be relocated, making it perfect for use at home, a weekend at the beach, or the park. It can keeps a baby dry even on damp grass because it has a water-resistant floor. Added visibility is provided by airy mesh sides. For on-the-go convenience, a travel bag with shoulder strap is included.

Product Details In a nutshell:

  • Easily transportable for the on-the-go parent
  • Can set up in a few seconds
  • It is perfect for children six months and older, weighing up to 35 lbs.
  • Your child is protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays by the removable canopy.
  • For easy portability, the playard folds compactly to fit into the included travel bag with strap
  • For indoor or outdoor use, weather resistant canvas floor is included.
  • Folding lightweight metal frame
  • Mesh sides For easy visibility
  • Wipe clean in seconds
  • Unfolds in seconds, comes fully assembled
  • When fully opened, it encloses up to 14 square feet
  • Weighs 12 lbs
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

The Summer Infant Pop 'n Play Portable Playard is perfect for parents who want to give their baby a safe place to play on-the-go or at home. This play yard can be set up in your living room as you are watching TV, or you can put it outside when you are enjoying lunch with friends. This is a brilliant safety utility for you and your child, so be sure to put in on your shopping list.

North States Superyard Colorplay 6 Panel Playard

North States Superyard Colorplay 6 Panel Playard

This brightly colored number is the North States Superyard Colorplay 6 Panel Playard. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to keep your child safe and secure. The play yard encloses up to 18.5 square feet and is 26 inches high. It will not slip or scratch, and it is suitable for any surface. It can be used indoors or outdoors and sets up in seconds. This lightweight yard is a breeze to take anywhere because it has a convenient carry handle. This product truly encapsulates the superior quality of North States that you've come to expect and in the convenient packaging that you deserve.

Product Details In a nutshell:

  • One-hand open
  • Free-standing, so no mounting necessary
  • Eight panels included
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, and Lead-free
  • JPMA and ASTM certified
  • Built with lightweight plastic
  • Weather-resistant protective qualities
  • Easily cleaned with soap and a cloth
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

As parents, there is nothing more valuable than the security of your baby, that's why you need to invest in this safety yard to protect your child whenever you are too busy with other tasks to dedicate 100% of your attention to them.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Baby Gates

Ease of installation

Before purchasing a baby gate, this is an important thing that you should consider. You should not spend your money to buy a safety gate that is difficult to install in your home. Pressure mounted gates are easy to install that's why they are the most common type in most houses, plus they are easily movable from one point to another, and it should not damage your wall when you install it.

Hardware mounted safety gates is best for the staircase because they’re almost impossible to dislodge, strongly consider them if you buy a baby gate for your stairs. You essentially need to attach the mountings to the wall permanently. It is the drawback of this type of mounting solution also it is often not easily movable from one place to another.

Furthermore, you need to consider ease of mounting on uneven walls, such as baseboards and the like.

Gate Styles

Baby gates come in different designs and styles to meet the needs of different customers. They are available in plastic, wood, cloth or even sleek metal. Choose a gate that rolls out, swings open, or even slides open. As per your requirements and personal preference.

You should also choose a gate style that matches with your home décor, the gate will likely be there for a while, you want it to fit in nicely. Also, you should choose a gate which you can open easily to prevent it from becoming a pain as you frequently pass through. You should also make sure you have enough space for a perfect installation when you are planning to install a hardware mounted gate.

Ease of Use

Always choose the baby gate that is easy for you to open but tough for your baby. Ensure the that it is easy to install, and you can remove the gate without any difficulties if you need to relocate it. Some gates boast a one-handed opening latch, which means the gate can be easily opened with one hand. Perfect for when opening the gate with your hands full.

Always ensure that the gate is easy to install for the opening you require it for if you want to buy a pressure mounted baby gate. To avoid sliding from any direction, you will need to ensure that the gate will be tight enough. The gate should create a safe atmosphere for your baby, not a frustrating hazard that constantly needs tightening and adjusting.


There are several materials that are used to build the best baby gates. Choose the quality of the gate depending on the place it is intended to be used. Make sure that bad, potentially toxic materials are not used in the production because they are not safe for children or pets.

Mesh gate can be considered if you are looking for a portable and lightweight gate with minimal fuss. These are prone to tearing however. Other options are also available such as metal and wood baby gates. If you want your gate to endure many years and still provide perfect security and safety for your baby, select a material that is strong and durable.

Look for Toe-holds

Children are curious and adventurous and oftentimes surprisingly gymnastic. This means they will try to climb over the gate. Don't purchase a gate that has easy toe holds that allow your child to climb over. A sturdy gate means nothing if it can be easily bypassed.

Final Words

I hope that now, having learned the top 10 best baby gates as well as the factors to consider when purchasing a baby gate or safety gate, you can choose the perfect gate for your home. All of the mentioned gates are designed to keep the interests of your children’s safety in mind. They are all extremely valuable tools that a mom or dad should consider when child proofing their home.

There are different kinds of materials, styles, and products to choose from depending on the place you want to install. If you are searching for safety gates to open between rooms, hallways, and doorways: pressure mounted gate is ideal for you. If you want to setup the gate on the stairway, hardware mounted gates are the best choice.

Prices are different from one gate to another and you should aim to buy a gate that fits perfectly within your budget. These are all highly recommended safety gates that are perfect for keeping your child secure and contained in a safe location inside or outside your home. Alternatively, you can use them to prevent pets from entering different parts of the home that are not secure.

By choosing any of these safety gates, you are almost guaranteed effective child protection when you are not able to devote 100% of your attention to your baby. This protects your baby from dangers and other accidents as well as makes life easy for a busy parent.

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